Service profile

Part of our service profile is that there are projects we do not accept.

Sometimes we have to say „No“. However, if we say YES, it’s with great determination:

etewe will accompany you from the definition of the tasks to the use of your test or automation system in everyday life.

The result is (almost) always unique: Your requirements define the concept and the implementation, our experiences ensure the project success:


Our services in detail:

From task to technical specification.

What is your new system or your new machine supposed to do? The client’s requirement specifications purely defines the tasks. From this, the etewe engineers works out the technical specification together with you. It comprises your general requirements and your know-how combined with our experience.

This creates a solid base for the project realization and the evaluation of the project success.
or: know-how

The straight way to a quick realization requires a long-lasting experience of our engineering team (engineers, electrical engineers, software developers) – and, of course, your »insider knowledge«:

To develop realistic mechanical, electrical and software designs we deal intensively with the general conditions and the technical specifications.
All services from a single source

Our engineers work out the mechanical construction, electrical, electronics and software design very precisely with the aid of 3D-CAD, CAE and modern software development tools.

Everyone knows what the other one plans and, what is more, a comprehensive project documentation is generated to ensure maximum transparency.

This interdisciplinary cooperation, which also involves you, creates a flexibility aiming to reach the best solution.
High quality standard, low error rate, functional warranty

At etewe, the responsibilities are clear: we are your system partner.

Based on complete design documents, mechanical and control cabinet construction are carried out in-house or with reliable, long-term partners. Purchasing exclusively high-quality components and devices at recognized suppliers completes this project phase.

Software development is accomplished in-house by a highly competent team who ensures high availability and convenient operation by using tried and tested software modules, exactly matched to your requirements. From data logging, control, visualization to evaluation and data management –for every task you will find a person in charge in our team.

Important: every test system and every machine are completely assembled and put into service at the etewe site. Because we want to BE SURE that everything is working properly before we ship the test rigs.
We deliver ready-to-use and free from charge.

With the day of commissioning your new system is ready for operation. Equipped with risk analysis and CE label according to the applicable legal specifications, safety-related inspections, detailed manuals and documentation your test system can be tested once more under normal conditions and then be finally accepted.
Training and Maintenance
Knowledge transfer with etewe.

Our project engineers thoroughly train and instruct the operating staff thus ensuring optimum usage of your test facility.

Even after commissioning we still commit our complete workforce at your disposal: the project engineers remain your contact, at etewe you will not find a “hotline“ answering your questions.

Additionally, regular inspection and maintenance cycles preserve the high availability of your system. Stand-stills are minimized by a remote service, and we offer a calibration service to ensure the functioning of your test facilities.

That sounds interesting? It is.

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